It happened again. Every year I vow that I will not get sucked in to watching, “The Bachelor”, but it’s like a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. It’s a laboratory for human behavior. Who came up with the idea? You take 25 women and you put them in the absolute worst environment emotionally possible and you sit back with your popcorn and with a pillow closeby just to cover your head because you are so embarrassed for these women. It doesn’t help that the token “nutcase” of the season is from my hometown. Oh dear. At least I might have one client when I graduate with my masters in counseling.

So I was thinking. What would it be like to be a Christian and be a contestant on this show? 1. It would never happen, and 2. I’m too prideful. HOWEVER, let’s just imagine what it could be like if the contestants were my friends. I imagine it would play out like this…..

My bubbly friend Loveday is the outgoing one. She would hop out of the limo and snag him with a witty comment and a gift to remember her by. Perhaps a little song and dance?

Haley would have her Diet Sundrop in hand and be the cool, laid back friend who took it all in and yet would be picked due to the “mystery”.

My friend Beth would play it cool because she is cool, but inside her head would be figuring out his Myers Brigg personality type.

Kristen would be on the show just to commentate on all the dynamics in the room.

Sally (even though now married) would crawl under a table because she was so uncomfortable with how the girls were making fools of themselves.

My little sister would find out if he was financially responsible and if he had any issues.

I would trip.

Here’s to another season of train wrecks.


P.S. I do think I could snag the first impresson rose, though.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me….:)”

  1. Oh, I've been waiting for an updated blog post from you and this was perfect!
    Which Kriste/in?
    Of course your tripping comment made me laugh out loud. In my empty house. Did you notice three girls tripped on camera tonight?

  2. OH, and BTW, I got Beth R sucked in to The Bach on summer project. She was determined not to but it happened. It was hilarious. Ask her about it. She may deny it but I have many witnesses…. MK, Bobby Sherard, etc

  3. "sucked in", eh?

    maybe Beth R simply chose to overlook one value (the value of NOT watching the Bachelor) for the sake of another value (the value of being IN community). I doubt that this "Beth R" actually enjoyed the show.

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