This past summer I bought my first white sundress against my better judgment.  Ever since my mom did the color wheel with me at age 2, and I knew I was an “autumn”, I just couldn’t allow myself the privilege of wearing white.  Well, so I went into Anthropologie to buy hair accessories, cause let’s be honest, Anthropologie is not cheap and I can only afford hair accessories.  I went to the sale rack, found this white dress and bought it.  Sadly, I have to admit that the chore around the house that I most detest is putting away clean laundry.  I’ll move it from my bed to the floor to the bed to the floor. Well, my white dress fell off onto the floor and off I went to campus.  When I got home I noticed that my dog, Sophie, had mistaken it for her puppy pad.  Needless to say, it went into the garbage.  It was my treasure and Sophie’s trash. 

This is how I feel about eHarmony.One man’s trash, another man’s treasure.  I firmly believe in eHarmony for so many of my friends. It has been a treasure! Several have gotten married and all it took was “4 easy steps to find the right match!”  Kidding.  That’s just what their website says. I am against it for myself because I really need and want to know someone in their daily context.  We all know those people who are awesome and first impressions and personable, then you find out they have 6 wives.  Anyway, if everyone thinks eHarmony is so great, why are most people embarrassed to admit they are doing it?  Here’s my proposition…..I want to hear if you think I should do it and why? Or if I shouldn’t and why? I have no desire to do it, but part of me thinks it would be a fun blogging topic. Anyway, if I choose to do it, I will not be secretive about it.  I’ll break “code”.  Imagine that.  Okay, hit me up with your opinions.


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  1. I say, DO IT. I met my husband on! When I signed up, it was out of curiosity only. I never thought I would meet the man who would become my husband. Most of the guys who contacted me were freaky, but I met a few nice guys whom, I eventually met in person, (in a public place far from my home). Each of them, including my husband, of course were very honest about themselves on their profiles. I was honest too. I put my real weight and height, and my real intentions. It worked for me. Out of 1,000's of people who could have viewed my profile, I was contacted by a man, (my husband) who graduated from the same high school in the same year as me. Grew up in the same city about 10 minutes away. AND we had mutual friends, and took classes together without knowing each other! CRAZY? Obviously God had a plan, and he used an internet dating sight. Good luck!!!

  2. I think you should take a step of faith and try it… what is the worst thing that could happen? You might not meet anyone you would want to get to know… but what if… what if you meet someone who was just like you wanting to meet someone who loves the Lord and is just waiting for the opportunity to be introduced? I think you should try it… what if the Lord wants to use this opportunity to introduce you to someone amazing?

  3. Beth, I saw your note about eHarmony on Facebook and continued to your blog. Very fun!

    As far as eHarmony, I will gladly say I was on and off of it for three or four years. I didn't hide that from people and still gladly tell people that I met Zack on a blind date.

    Students eyes usually get really big after I tell them that I met him that way. They are of course asking how I met him, and think that we might have met in church or some very "Godly" way, but instead I often burst their bubble by telling them we met on a blind date. 🙂

    If you are asking for opinions on whether or not to join an online dating site, I would suggest it if you feel like you are not meeting guys in other places in your life. I think it can be encouraging to see that there are people out there who you might be interested in or who might be interested in you. It can be help if you feel stuck in your dating life. And it gives you a lot of opportunities to grow. Man, can I tell you some stories about e-harmony dates! But I can also tell you about some dates with guys I met at church. My friend always says, "you can always meet "crazy", there is just as much "crazy" online as there is around you walking down the street". LOL

    Funny enough, I didn't meet Zack on eHarmony, just through friends of the family. But I would say that my days on eHarmony helped me to not blow off my future husband. I was one of those girls who knew what I was looking for and thought I knew the box that my husband had to fit in. After seriously dating a few "future" worship pastors, I realized that I had no clue what was best for me and I might need to go on dates with people I would never even consider. Thus eHarmony entered into my life. Through that time on the internets…I grew a lot in knowing what I did and didn't need and was more open to God working in ways that seemed crazy to me. By the time Zack came along, blind dates were not stressful and I was more myself than I have ever been. And I actually gave Zack the chance he deserved. I got to see the amazing character he had instead of the fact that he didn't know the latest David Crowder song and didn't know how to play the guitar. 😉

    So although I didn't meet my husband online, I do think it can be a very helpful to meet someone …or in the mean time, help you grow as a person. 🙂 FYI, three of my closest friends have met their spouses through Match and eHarmony.

    I do think you are right though, it is possible that you will end up talking to a guy that has six wives. You just want to meet them and find that stuff out on the first date rather than six months into talking to them on the phone. 🙂 You might want to consider that being one of the questions you ask when you get to the open dialog stage. 😉

    (p.s. Sorry this is a long comment, just thought it was a fun conversation! )

  4. oh Bait! I think you should do it. I know you know all my crazy eHarmony stories!! But what I did enjoy about participating in eHarmony is that it gave me interaction with single men I wasn't meeting elsewhere. It's such a gift to have male influence and friendships. I agree with mylatestlike. If you aren't meeting men in your current routine, it's a great way to simply connect socially with them. You always enjoy meeting new people and the worst that could happen (as I see it) is you'll have some crazy stories, like me. And Beth, YOU do crazy stories well. 🙂

  5. I love Beth drama….so I'm all in! No cryptic comments either…get it all out there! (Actually Haley and I are laughing our heads off while I'm typing this…just the anticipation is tooooo much.) Shall we sign you up?

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