I can’t believe it’s my last night in NYC. The past 7 weeks have flown by and I head home tomorrow. Right now I should be cleaning our nasty apartment and packing, but I am a bit sad as I think about another transition.

Seven years ago I met Haley. Haley was assigned to UT as one of our new staff members. Fresh out of college, Haley was eager to get started in campus ministry and to invest in the lives of other women. I was her “boss”, so to speak. We went through lots of adjustment with her being new staff and desiring to be a peer, and I being 6 years older and her mentor led to some challening and yet stretching (in a good way) dynamics, conflict, and growth.In 2006 I began to see that Haley needed to be in leadership position and so we began talking about what that could look like. It was during this time that Haley’s family died tragically in a plane crash and honestly, there are no words to describe what that journey has been like with her and just too sacred to write about in a blog. I started a book on it awhile back and maybe one day I will share it, but I see I have digressed…Tonight marks a big transition in my sister/friend’s life. This was her last summer project, and God was sweet to put us together for this oh so redemptive summer. She will be going to seminary in the fall, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about, but selfishly I am going to miss her terribly. God has been so kind to give us a lighthearted and hilarious summer after some hard seasons in our frienship. We have laughed so hard. Gone to the curly girls salon, which has changed our life….well okay, not our life, but for sure our hair. We’ve seen NKOTB. Haley helped organize the Today Show deal this morning and she doesn’t like to get up before 10AM. Here is where she would insert, “Beth, people will think I am lazy.” She is not. The girl just likes her sleep and this is a perk of singleness and being childless. We’ve walked through Central Park, interceded for one another, gone to Macy’s 20x’s, ventured to Soho time and again in hopes of finding the perfect restaurant only to be bummed out, we’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge, dodged bicylists, gotten sketchy massages by old Korean women (more details in person), gotten lost in Queens, drooled over the same waiter who was a Versace model, had conflict-resolution at the Rascal Flatts concert on the Today Show, loved on the Mama’s even though we are 2 single women, had a bathtub that was like a wave pool with brown water, fussed over her 1950’s alarm clock, watched in shock as 200 naked bikers rode down the street, put on the lb’s with NYC’s food and vowed together that our diet starts tomorrow…..oh the list goes on.Dearest friend, this blog doesn’t even begin to describe our journey of friendship. I will miss you so much as I miss my sidekick at the MTL conference. Who am I going to text my commentary to? I will miss you at Regional Staff Conference laughing the loudest at my attempts to be funny emceeing because you are my biggest cheerleader. I will miss that like me, you didn’t bring a snack either. I will miss you at CSU as it can be the loneliest place on the planet. Even though I am sad that this season of life is changing for you, I am equally as excited and anticipatory for “what’s next”. And just betwee you and me, I believe wholeheartedly it will involve laughter and a lion.I love you friend of my heart.Bdubs

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