Okay, so it’s that time again. Every other summer I get to go to Colorado for Campus Crusade’s National Staff Conference. Imagine 6,000 of your closest friends converging on the campus of Colorado State University. CSU (as it is affectionately called) is a mixed bag of emotions. The conference is an introverts nightmare and sometimes utopia for us extroverts. If you were a people watcher this would be idyllic for you. Please know that CSU is a time that we hear from our amazing leaders as they cast vision, pray for us, and try and bring some refreshment to a group of people who are often weary. I’m grateful for our leaders. However, would you allow me to poke some fun at myself and the singles scene you see at CSU?
Weeks ahead of time many women start planning their outfits. We were once told by an older staff guy that conference outfits are crucial. I hope my $5 flip flops and sequined Michael Jackson glove fit the bill. A certain friend of mine packed 20 outfits for 9 days. Several women have fashion shows in our rooms before each session. Accessories? Check. Perfume strength? Check. Any visible lines? Check. We as women must always be prepared and we always must have each others back. There will be no anomalies on any of my friends!!! Thank you boy scouts.
Another reason you would be fascinated by watching singles at this conference is the fact that the guy-girl ratio is about 1:400. We’ve got women dropping hankies left and right and guys either oblivious or picking the hankie right up or staring at the hankie as it lies on the ground in front of their feet. Fascinating.
My personal favorite conversation to have at CSU always revolves around Henry Cloud. Why do all roads lead back to Henry Cloud? He is an author who came and spoke to the single staff a few years ago about “Dating”. Whew!! You would’ve thought either Mother Theresa or the Unibomber (depending on which side of the road you stand) had spoken with the opinions that surfaced. Henry, will you be there? I’ll bring your armor.
As much as I poke fun of myself and my single friends, there truly is no place like CSU. No one on this earth understands my world like the people in big Moby gym for 10 days straight. I can poke fun because these people are extended family and we all poke fun of extended family. I mean, everyone has a Great Aunt Wanda.
Anyway, I’m flying out in a few and I will have an outfit to die for and a purse full of hankies.

5 thoughts on “SEE. YES. YOU. (CSU)”

  1. Beth, this is hilarious! I remember my first (and only) staff conference. This was part of it all… my roommate was actually one of the few who met her husband at CSU. 🙂
    Hope you're having a great time… the right accessories and all!

    (got your link from Kristin)

  2. Beth,
    It is 1:03 am this Monday morning, July 27, 2009. I couldn't sleep, so I came into my office and found your newsletter for July that Reva had laid on my dest. I saw you had a blog, so I thought I would get on it. I pray your time in Colorado goes well and that you return refreshed. Reva and I look forward to seeing you when you get back, so give us a call. I also look forward to doing some teaching of God's Word with you. Who knows what will develop out of it and what the remainder of 2009 will bring. God is faithful!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Also, I have some old handkerchief if you need some more to drop around. With so many hankies being dropped in Colorado, it probably looks like an early snow. You might tell the girls that instead of dropping their hankies, they should just hand it to the guy and then ask him to give it back. That way you can tell the other girls that so and so handed you your hankie. It's better than nothing, and that way you don't clutter up the walks and lawn. Great councel, huh? Just another nugget from "Uncle Sonny's cancelling service".

    Reva sends her love, as do I. See you soon.

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