I went to Asheville last night to have dinner with a hero of mine….Larry Crabb. What a gift it was to sit down and have conversation with he and his lovely wife Rachel. If you know me at all then you know of my great affection for Larry and his books. God has used this man signficantly in my life.

After my broken engagement, THE BEST DISCIPLER EVER, Debbie Cox gave me my 1st Larry Crabb book called, “Finding God”. The main thing I walked away from after reading that book was that I cannot avoid pain, but I have to walk through it and allow God to change me in the midst of pain.

The 2nd Larry book I read was, “Connecting”. I was new staff with CRU and desperately wanted to have real relationships. This led me to “Shattered Dreams” which is my all time fave book. The basic premise is that sometimes God allows our dreams to be shattered in order to find out what our real dreams are, which is ultimately and whole-heartedly CHRIST. So when I had the chance (2 years ago) to go to his 7 day School of Spiritual Direction I was so excited. Check it out at http://www.newwayministrires.org/ Once again, that week has turned out to be pivotal in my walk with Jesus.

I could go on and on about how God has used this man in my life, but you all will grow nauseous and say, “We get it! Enough already.” Anyway, I love how God uses different people in our life to speak vision, words of life, truth, and encouragement. Who is that for you?

Thanks for letting me share!

5 thoughts on “Dinner with “The Man”….Larry.”

  1. G'day Beth 🙂

    Many have come into my life,leaving their special imprints on my soul….each one connected to God, therefore connecting me!
    Too many to list [isn't THAT a good sign lol]but this proves the world still has much HOPE!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely story, look forward to much more!

  2. what a lovely website!! very colourful!! yes ive read Larrys' books and he has so much to offer. We have hope, peace, confidence, and trust in God, He sustains us!! Thanks for your lovely story…keep them coming!! my name is Vicki, I live in Sydney Australia…thanks again for sharing!!

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