Well, I’ve never been compared to a dog before………until today. As I walked incognito into my 1st Weight Watchers meeting (sunglasses, large hat, trench coat, binoculars), I carefully selected a discreet seat in the back row. At exactly 9:30AM I am scared into reality as “Peppy” comes singing and dancing down the aisle. I look around me to watch the reactions of the other people in the room who were unphased. I pull out my cell phone and text my mom, sisters and Haley to let them know that I feel like I am in AA and should stand up and say, “I am Beth and I am fat.” But I was too prideful and don’t feel like I’m “fat”, just big boned.
So “Peppy” does some toe touches and leaps and asks for feedback from the audience. This is when “Mary” decides to share about how she feels that dogs know the secret to stablizing their weight. Eat the same thing everyday. She said that we too should be dogs. Hmm. I think the above picture kinda throws Mary’s theory out of commission.
I will admit that when “Peppy” started handing out stickers for those who had reached a weight goal that week, I found myself back in kindergarten and desperately wanting a sticker. I even teared up. For real. So, this is my vulnerable attempt at trying to reach for my first sticker. Tell the whole world wide web you are going to Weight Watchers and there’s some automatic accountability and increased scrutiny on the size of my chins.
So, this leads me to my grocery store trip. Is anyone else disturbed over the fact that we eat food that doesn’t go bad for TWO YEARS??????????????? HELLO!!!! It’s mildly disturbing. I’m saying this aloud as I load my buggy down with every version of preservative-packed chocolate weight-loss snack known to the free world. It’s a start.
After the grocery store trip I need some more motivation so I head over to ATL (Ann Taylor Loft), my fave store. They are having a MEGA sale in which I will receive 45% off my purchase. Thank you, Sally. (Why does a missionary who raises her own support feel the need to broadcast to everyone that I will purchase clothes on sale?) Anyway, I put on hold pants that are a size or two smaller than where I am now as more motivation. I promise I will do a fashion show starting mid-October with my new jeans. I know you all will be waiting with baited breath.
Okay, I’m sure I will wake up tomorrow completely mortified at the fact that I was this vulnerable about what most women hate the most: weight. However, it’s kinda nice too. Maybe it’s the hunger getting to my brain. I don’t know. I have issues, don’t I? OH well. I’m off to try my new snack.

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  1. We all have issues… it's how you handle them that matters. I just posted a comment on facebook but I will put it on here too.

    Angela Tallent: I completely understand the feelings that come along with losing weight or not losing weight. I have been doing Dr. Phil's "Ultimate Weight Solution Guide" and I have found that it's the only thing that has worked for me. I have been doing this since March this year and I have lost 53.4 pounds as of this past Sunday. I will be praying for you. Just know that you have a friend who loves you and understands. *hugs*
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  2. it's scary to put something like this out there…but freeing as well! i have been on Sparkpeople off & on for the past year…health stuff has put me on a hold for a few months, but it is a FREE weight loss community with tons of awesome tools to help with weight loss–nutrition and fitness trackers, teams for everything you could possibly be interested in (i even found one for people who love to bake!), and even a place to blog about your weight stuff. it's kinda like facebook & myspace & weight watchers all wrapped into one! my username is sarahw5484–if you decide to join we can be friends! LOL! another great tool is the "Eat This Not That" books. they list healthy options at pretty much any restaurant as well as the grocery store. Good luck!

  3. Beth! You dear! I have teared up at more than one WW meeting… or some variation there of. I have to say, I wrestle daily with… is the light ice cream really worse for me than chemically immortalized cookies???? I choose no almost daily :). whew. Love you.

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