“Why aren’t you married?” Ahhh……..every single womans favorite question. I, along with fellow yet-to-be-attached friends, have spent countless hours dodging this question at family functions, church, high school reunions and even from 90 year old men walking the mall. Praise Jesus that this weekend I will celebrate the death of that sentence for 2 of my dearest friends as they say their, “I Do’s”.

Lisa, we have been through 15 years of life together. From roommates my sophomore and your junior year, cheesy answering machine messages for Christmas (remember, “Let It Beep”?), flannel shirts, white dress shoes, Lisa night, Chad Shirley, “others”, Chuck for Pres, that creep who cheated on your who is a pastor now, homecoming court shopping, Ross & Rachel, Rachel & Ross, ER, elves, fudge rounds & leg lifts. Girl…….the list goes on. I can’t wait to celebrate with you this week. Thanks for asking me to stand beside you. Kerry I’m sure knows what a prize he has in you.

This is a picture from my junior year spring break trip to Boston. Nicole, Lisa, me, VanCamp. Such a fun trip.

My 2nd dear friend getting married is Amanda. Sadly, I can’t be in 2 places at once this weekend and my heart is so sad and heavy, but we will celebrate in person soon and watch the DVD over and over, hearing every detail. Amanda, I couldn’t be happier that Dan snagged you up. He knows what a prize you are and will treat you as such. YOU have been the dearest friend at pursuing me, my travel buddy, constant encourager, you seriously have a remedy for everything, the friend who gets on a plane when I am in a pit and just sits with me, the only friend who remembered the date of my broken engagement and sent me a card. You are also the only one I know who loves Charleston as much as I do. Friend, know that I am celebrating YOU this week as well. Know how dear you are and how grateful I am for God bringing Dan to you.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH Whhhaaaaa (in the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher).

Off to polish my shoes for 17th time as a bridesmaid. I’m a pro. AND I love it.

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  1. love you! i just read this…15 years…wow…looking forward to the next 15…and looking forward to the day soon i get to cheer on your man as he gets the beautiful bride. 🙂 you are the best. thanks for celebrating with me and being a part of the festivities. it wouldn't have been the same without you. xoxoxo lisa

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