Tomorrow is my first day of school in quite a few years. I’m starting grad school to get my MA in Professional Counseling. As my Uncle Sonny says, “Why do you need to go to school to be a counselor? I can tell you what to do and it’s quick and free. Admit it and quit it.” Hilarious.

Anyway, I’ve been blown away by how affirming the response has been from those closest to me. As you’ll see below, my friend and fellow co-director, Britton gave me a lunch box with Wonder Woman on the front with the logo, “Strength & Beauty” on the side. I LOVE THIS LUNCHBOX and I am actually going to take it with me. I’m not scared. Thanks, Britton.

On a side note, I wonder if I should dress up as Wonder Woman for my first day? Honestly, sometimes I live life as if I should be this superhero….granted I don’t run around in an 80’s unitard with red boots (well, maybe I did with my childhood be frie Anne when we were choreographing dance moves in 5th grade), but internally I feel as if I should do everything well, lest I disappoint. Today I read in a devotional with my staff team the following, “We were created to be dependent. Dependency is not therefore a sign of weakness. Rather it is a universal indicator of our humanity.” In Scripture we read about what happens when we live as if we are the independent superhero in this grand drama of life; and I see it lived out in my own.
We were created to be dependent on so many things for physical life – food, water, sleep, etc. Things we must get…can’t live independetly apart from or we die. The same is true with our relationship with our Creator. If I live independently from Him then I begin to wither up and die as well. Apart from Him I can do nothing. At least nothing that is worth anything and all it does is leave me depleted and stir up a neediness of other things and people. Don’t get me wrong, we need other people in our lives, but not in a way that is demanding and to alleviate emotional insecurity.
Man, I really wanted to get on here and be funny tonight. Oh well. Try me tomorrow after I get out of my Ethics class. I”m sure I’ll have some good material then. Feel free to keep asking me over the next few years of my journey through school if I am keeping Christ and His Word at the center of all I’m learning. He is my filter and my grid.
Love to you all! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman”

  1. i sure don't like to hear that i'm supposed to be dependent, since i work so hard to be independent… you always give me so much to think about beth!
    okay, so be funny tomorrow and then i can bypass the introspection! 🙂
    thanks for posting.

  2. What a cool post! Melodrama is the stuff of life, isn't it? Think how dull our days would be without it!?!?!? I really like your perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world. They are quite valuable and much better than what Wonder Woman had to offer – yours are so genuine (her's were entertaining, but a bit scripted). I see why your Momma is so proud . . .

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