I have a love affair with fall. I love everything about it. Football, pumpkins, the colors, being outside, conferences with friends, fun staff team socials, bonfires, etc. I had a bunch of girls over not long ago and one said, “Beth, it looks like fall threw up in your house.” Well, it’s true.
Anyway, I just wanted to share a few pics taken over the past month of some of my highlights of the fall.

This picture of Brooks (on my staff team) makes me laugh.
We were on a conference call when I snapped this.
I loved having the student women over to my house!

My childhood “Be Frie” Anne and I rarely get time together
these days, but we had a good laugh/cry fest for
a few hours at Calhouns!

Part of our staff team went to Gburg for a fun
social riding go-carts & eating at the Apple Barn.

My dear sister/friend Haley and I went to a UT
game when she was in town visiting.

I would love to hear what you enjoy about fall!!!


5 thoughts on “Fall! Fall! Fall!”

  1. I enjoy the smells of Fall, cinnamon, pumpkins, spices, crisp morning air, the smell rising from a chimney, and homemade soups.

    Shopping is fun, because it gets me in the Christmas spirit and thinking about the family Thanksgiving and Christmas times together.

    Mostly I get to see more of my children (I hope.)

  2. I love that I don't live in Beaumont anymore during fall. I scarred some lovely children while we lived there by telling them that in normal parts of the country the leaves were changing. Maria

  3. I love that you love fall, Beth! I wish we could live in perpetual fall and just skip winter altogether.
    One of my favorite things about fall is all the food items that come in pumpkin flavor. Yum.
    I miss you, friend!

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