Strange day.  I have had Luke Bryan on repeat all day
long.  Not Bethel.  Not Christy Nockels, but Luke Bryan.  Crash My Party to be specific. It makes me
happy.  It says “hell” and “baby” a lot,
which normally isn’t my style, but it’s a “hell” and “baby” kind of day.   Yes, I’m
a missionary.  Please still support me.
Anyway, there’s a
line in the song that says, “Go ahead and call me, call me, call me. You don’t have to worry ’bout it baby. You can wake me up in the dead of the night; wreck my plans baby that’s alright..”  Oh the depths of Luke Bryan’s soul. (I think the “baby” count is up to 7. You’re
Pretty sure he was
singing this for his preggers wife. Lucky woman. I hope she has a brain and depth.
Anyway, it’s been one
of those days where life feels like a country song when you recount it, “Yeah,
my dog is gonna die, baby, but then she revives, boom boom. Yeah, my heart‘s
been run over by a tractor, baby. Oh look, here comes a shirtless man in jorts,
‘Where’s your husband, Red? Wanna go out, baby? Call me, call me, call me’, oh
and don’t forget to read your exes book that just got published.  OH, oh, oh….and you lost some support. Jesus
take the wheel.”   
Is this what Jesus
was talking about when he said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it
abundantly.” John 10:10 
Abundant life. 
Abundant – “existing or available
in large quantities; plentiful”
Life –  “ the
ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things
like water or rocks
: the
period of time when a person is alive
: the
experience of being alive
How do you walk in abundance when you feel
You live honestly.  You walk in honesty before Jesus and
others.  You lay it all before Him.  You receive. 
You give yourself grace.  You cling
to truth.  You put on your armor.  You walk by faith.  You embrace seasons as something to journey
through and not just try and get around. 
You give thanks.  You lean towards
the Father with your questions rather than away. 
A friend of mine walked me through Psalm 84 last
week.  He shared with me about how we
fall in love with God and then we leave home and journey to be with God.  The Psalmist refers to journeying through the
Valley of Baca which means, “suffering,” but the Valley leads to the throne
room.  The throne room…being with God who
when we are lacking says, “no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk
is blameless” and that is good news. 
That is abundant life.  Embrace the
journey.  Embrace this season for all
that He has in it for you.  Wave to me
from your valley and the throne room. 

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