So every year the Midsouth region has a staff conference for all the CCC staff in KY, TN, NC and SC. My friend Eric and I have emceed the conference for the past three years and each year we try and think of a creative way to begin our time. We decided (I admit that I pushed pretty hard for this one) to reinact the wedding dance entrance that’s on you tube and spoofed on, “The Office”. I added the link for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, everything is starting off great until it is time for Eric and I to enter. Well, Big Er danced down the aisle just fine and then I entered and felt someone kick me as hard as they possibly could in my calf. I was in excruciating pain and immediately went back to my theater background (haha) and started acting like I couldn’t dance and thus drug my leg up the aisle.
I’m not sure how I made it through that meeting. Pure adrenaline, perhaps????

Long story short, an Orthopaedic doctor in Asheville took 2 MRI’s and said that my muscles were torn and they needed the 2nd MRI to see how far down the tears went and if it effected the Achilles tendon. He said surgery was pretty much going to be my option, but to see the doctor back in Knoxville. Well, I just got home from my doctor here in Knoxville (Can I give a shout out to Dr. Mathien?) who looked at my MRI’s (I hand delivered the same ones given to me by the Asheville doctor) and he said there were no tears, only a severe sprain and that I would just need therapy. I think Jesus changed the MRI images and I am so grateful

Thanks to my Midsouth family for your funny comments (particulary the one about Chris Brown, “Darn you, Chris Brown! First Rhianna and now Beth!” – Erin Coltrane Smith. My 2nd fave comment was from Cara Chute who said what everyone else was thinking (including myself), “Gosh, aren’t you embarrassed?” Yes, Cara. Thank you. haha!! At least it makes a good story and the most awkward workmans comp. request.

On a more serious note, I would appreciate your prayers for quick healing and that I can be off crutches soon. I have end-of-year planning and exams. Thanks you all!! What’s your most embarrassing moment?

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  1. That's awful!! And that sounds just like Aunt Cara–she cracks me up! I miss that conference so much–I still dream about it all the time! Hope you feel better very soon!

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