• How to help hurting people
  • How to walk through conflict with your team
  • Anxiety and depression in your congregation
  • Relationships Matter: Authenticity
  • Moral Failure: What now?
  • Recognizing signs of burnout
  • Strengthening marriages
  • Struggling with Sexuality
  • Identity
  • Femininity and Masculinity


With, Inc. leads customized retreats for you and your team of ministry leaders.

One-on-one appointments in person or via Skype

The Table

The Table is a special event where the focus is a certain demographic such as ministers & singles in ministry to dine around the table and share the good, the bad and the ugly. They need a safe place to share.

“Face the hard questions that life requires you to ask. Gather with other travelers on the narrow road, pilgrims who acknowledge their confusion and feel their fears. Then, together, live those questions in My Presence.”  – Larry Crabb